Monster Beach

Artwork Coming Soon…

Exchange Student Zero

Location design & Production Art I made for the show. Exchange Student Zero is a 2D animated TV series on Cartoon Network. It’s a show about two school friends (Max & John) who accidentally bring a fantasy card game character (Hiro) to life. Chaos ensues. It’s part anime, part modern toon world – a fresh… Read more »

Kitty is not a Cat

  A new 52 episode, 2D animated, TV series. I was part of a small production team that designed the show from the ground up. Here are some examples of my work. Credit:

Bro’Town Backgrounds

Here are some bits and pieces of my design work from my time working at Firehorse Films. I worked as a production designer and animator on two seasons of bro’Town. bro’Town is a primetime New Zealand Animated Television Series. The series is set amongst New Zealand’s fast-growing Pacific Islander community, and focuses on a central cast of five young boys. bro’Town is heavy… Read more »

Billie Eilish – Music Video

A number of my background paintings were sprinkled throughout her latest music video.

Sketch Book

These are some of my afternoon sketches and production layouts..

Pitch Design

Here are some artworks I provided for small production companys developing scripts for low budget, high concept films.

Extra Work

Here are some bits and pieces of my design work from music videos, TV show & Documentaries.. Sagun – The “I Miss The Old You” Music Video. The full clip is attached in my Blog above >>> Yowie Aninmated Series- An 6 part animated YouTube series based on the chocolate characters.