Bro’Town Backgrounds

Here are some bits and pieces of my design work from my time working at Firehorse Films. I worked as a production designer and animator on two seasons of bro’Town. bro’Town is a primetime New Zealand Animated Television Series. The series is set amongst New Zealand’s fast-growing Pacific Islander community, and focuses on a central cast of five young boys. bro’Town is heavy… Read more »

Exchange Student Zero

Location & environment production designs I made for the show. Exchange Student Zero is a 2D animated TV series on Cartoon Network. It’s a show about two school friends (Max & John) who accidentally bring a fantasy card game character (Hiro) to life. Chaos ensues. It’s part anime, part modern toon world – a fresh… Read more »

Kitty is not a Cat

  A new 52 episode, 2D animated, TV series. I was part of a small production team that designed the show from the ground up. Here are some examples of my work. Credit:

Blur and Sharpen

Here are some artworks I provided for the production company Blur and Sharpen. Blur and Sharpen is a small production company developing scripts for low budget, high concept films.  

Sketch Book

These are some my ideas and afternoon sketches not associated to any productions.

The Flamin’ Thongs

Here are some bits and pieces of my design work from my time working at 12 Field Animation. I worked as a production designer on the show The Flamin’ Thongs. The Flamin’ Thongs is an Australian children’s animated television series screening on ABC3. The 12 minute, 26 episodes follow the plans of the dysfunctional Thong Family, as they try to put Whale Bay… Read more »